Expect the unexpected

Disney College program Cast Member
L-R: me, Ben Balentine. Caught Ben as he was visiting Magic Kingdom before his final College Program shift. He’s a Disney Custodial Cast Member at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. All College Program Cast Members last day was Sunday March 15 (when the photo was taken).
Hawaiian light fixture at Disney
Hawaiian light fixture at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.
1960 Hawaiian Music album
1960 Hawaiian Music album on display at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Hotel. Listened to it on iTunes yesterday.
Disney's Castaway Cowboy poster
Disney’s Castaway Cowboy poster on display at Disney’s Polynesian.
Walt and Lillian Disney
Walt and Lillian Disney apparently in Hawaii.
Postcard in “The Poly’s” merchandise shop.
Lilo and Stitch
Co-branding often makes perfect sense.
Hawaiian wood carvings
Authenticity (front image) is critical for every Disney story. Fun (left, rear image) is too.

Expect the unexpected?

Where did your attitude take you on that question?

Bad things?

Great things?


Great things will come from Covid-19.

Wakeup calls should never be wasted.

Wakeup calls are a gift.

Wakeup calls are also generally inconvenient in their arrival.

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