Can i please practice on you?

Disney Keynote Speakers
A fellow TEDx AUK Speaker captured this. Technically, i/we should be on the red dot. An audience volunteer played the part of a Disney Guest.

Discovered another email from the Summer as i deleted hundreds of emails in the sent folder and “hold for later” folder. In-box is at two emails, trash is always at zero…

_________, hope you’re having an awesome day. i’m practicing for a TEDx Talk in Kuwait in April and looking to get in front of as many diverse groups as possible.

Title: Why Going The Extra Mile Is A Flawed Concept, And What To Do Instead

Who: You and your teams

What: A 12-15 minute TEDx Talk “rehearsal”

Where: Orlando

When: Anytime between April 1-12

How: No AV & no setup required, groups from 4-100+

Why: In exchange for my practice(s), you/your team gets a (potential) life-altering mindset-change for serving others, at work AND at home.

Every day, do something that scares you, jeff 😃

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PS. Here’s what those 10 practices speeches yielded…

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