Some work places are dangerous for completely different reasons

Front Page Kalispell newspaper
We are headed to this place after breakfast – The Crown of the Continent


Death at Glacier park in newspaper
There is no pretend in the wild, unspoiled places (prayers for the Family)


Kalispell, MT hotel Lobby
This is the real deal – wild, untamed country – not a movie


In 1973 the first taste of Glacier National Park as a 14-year old, on a three-week Boy Scout, cross-country bus trip.

In 1980, the first back-country overnight camping hike in Glacier. The month prior, a hiker was killed by a Grizzly bear.

Last week, a return to Glacier with Family, as a Dad.

Someone’s child (21-years young and full of life for sure) died from a fall while simply hiking on a trail.

Discovering a favorite place defines us.

Need more time to think about this…

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