Dear Nuwanda, please tell us how you really feel about the accusations

2009 Masters World Championships view of track from ski jump tower
2009 Masters World Championships (an intimate understanding about world class)


A fictional (probably) story that could happen, or is happening now, in any company, anywhere in the world…

Dear fearless new leader, welcome back as our company’s alpha dog. You’ve come a long way in the decade you’ve been gone. Extraordinarily impressive. Congratulations.

Those antiquated astonishing things we’re still doing that have you shaking your head and asking, “What the?“, yeah, me too.

Then there’s the issue of why are our employees still doing the same things the same way?

That’s a great question for your leadership council, coincidentally with the same leader at the top since you left.

One can’t help but wonder why our leadership (for the past decade) isn’t apologizing for allowing it to happen and for falsely thinking we can’t change.

This is were we are embarrassed (and sad) for them.

Please don’t tolerate insidious innuendoes about inabilities.

Please build up your team so they can build up the front line.

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