Younger and less experienced comes with a price

Renaissance Fair sign


Honda brand sign


(photo: Yesterday we volunteered at Church and at Middle School and then visited the closest dealership.)

Do you know exactly what you want without having to do research, compare statistics, ask questions, etc? Generally not when we are younger and less experienced.

Working hard in an admirable way for a long, long time has an upside. You gain more control of things you had less control of when you were less experienced younger.

Walked into a dealership yesterday after the Saturday school festival and a few hours later walked out striking a fair deal on a new van. Same van we bought 11 years ago. A vehicle and company we trust.

Didn’t even test drive the vehicle. Why would you need to?

PS. Trusting theĀ makerĀ and trusting the seller are two entirely different propositions. Car dealerships have negative, long-seeded stereotypes. It would be great for the sellers to rupture them.

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