Would you be okay with a hand-me-down smart phone?

Apple iPhone 5s invoice
Notice the order date (ordered it the minute it went on sale (12:01am PST)


iPhone 5s in box
Removing the box lid almost takes your breath away because the art is so stunning


Friendly reminder: Life happens one moment at a time. When we are fully engaged in it (and write about it) we learn so much more about what it takes to be excellent and not just hope for excellence).

So the iPhone 5s arrived from China yesterday. This means Chapin gets the hand-me-down iPhone 5.

This required going to the ATT store to get a new sim card and then returning home to restore the 5 from his latest iTunes backup.

It was in the trip home from ATT that magic happened.

The revelation that the same world class leadership and facilitation methods used professionally with seasoned CEO’s all the way to the entry-level brand new employees could be (and should be) used with a 13-year old.

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