A Shot Of Guilt

PS. Chose This Unfocused Photo On Purpose
PS. Chose This Unfocused Photo On Purpose

The other night, a shot of guilt ran up my spin, completely unexpected, and (thankfully) very minor. Have you ever been in a sudden, but fleeting state of consciousness where this has happened to you?

Each day, upon picking up our son at school, it’s the same Father-Son ritual that’s been conducted daily for the past 8 years.

The infamous Bear Hug.

Caught a glimpse of another boy watching us as he was getting into his Mom’s SUV. He doesn’t see his Dad everyday. His parents are divorced.

But not only was it a shot full of guilt it was a shot full of profound gratitude.

One of the best ways to inspire others is by the example you set.

Sadly, we get so busy trying to do things right, that we neglect doing the right things.

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