We know this and respond appropriately

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(photo: iPhone screen shot… the magic (aka passion) is drained out of us with, “Quit acting like a child… grown up, etc”)

Funny isn’t it, the way we dream of change and yet do the same routine in spite of knowing better?

Can you picture the fictional Ostrich sticking it’s head in the sand in order to hide?

This is (literally) sickening sad to any soul who views their job as art. Who treats creating magic as a privilege.

How can anyone desire this and not take action to not schlug through their day, day after day?

The triumph is in walking away. Walking away from mediocrity and average.

But how does one decide to simply walk away. Easy. Take the risk.

Taking risks is risky.

So is playing it safe.

We know this.

And do nothing.

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