Do these leadership reps please

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The aspects of things most important are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity.

Do these “Executive, let’s get started” leadership reps please. Metaphorically work on form before adding weight:

  1. Hang 3 pics in your office: your customers serving their customers, your employees serving your customers, original business building ‘founder’s garage’ photo.
  2. Drive speed limit for one week
  3. Start day on knees 1st thing (one minute every morning)
  4. 30 mins professional development, 5x/week
  5. Solicit ‘extra-inch’ culture story from each cabinet member weekly
  6. Share one ‘extra-inch’ culture story in every town hall mtg
  7. Have someone compile every ‘extra-inch’ culture story
  8. Create extra-inch’ culture stories viewing area (use multiple, diverse, redundant methods)
  9. Lunch with front line employee(s) 1x/week
  10. lol minimum 1x/daily at work

•  •  •  •  •

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