Two more transformational things from Yesterday

Jimmy Buffett songs
From Jimmy Buffett’s song, “The Wino and I Know”
New Orleans traditions
New Orleans traditions
Cafe Du Monde take out
we’re next
Cafe Du Monde service
Next! Um, yeah, two bags of beignets please
strong New Orleans coffee
passed on coffee since it was after 7pm
best beignets
donuts too hot to touch…

January 25, 1992 moved into our second house, right behind work. The house I will die in, probably.

Yesterday visited Cafe Du Monde… in the French Quarter, and relived Jimmy Buffett’s song, The Wino and I Know:

coffee is strong at the Cafe Du Monde…
donuts too hot to touch…
and just like a fool…
when those sweet goodies cool…
I eat ’til I eat way too much…

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