Tennis anyone?

jeff noel note with simple drawing on a piece of paper
Which side of the tennis court do you live on? Sent this to a client, indicating where i see her. She perceives herself on the other side.
Steve Jobs quote
Birds of a feather, flock together. If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re to reaching high enough.
Zoom on laptop photo.
Six of us. i’m on twice (top and bottom middle) because Zoom doesn’t offer grid view (pictured here) on iPhone’s screen. Logged in a second time on laptop to see who was on.

The key, if you want to build habits that last, is to join a group where the desired behavior is the normal behavior.

James Clear

The top photo – tennis court – is the key message here. Are you playing to not lose or are you playing to win?

We must decide how to interpret this.

And then act in a manner (the rest of our life) that gives us peace and contentment.

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