The pursuit of excellence

What a place to read. Or build rock sculptures. 

Previous photo was taken from here. 

Our VRBO Cabin’s deck. 

You can spot Cheryl reading on this photo’s lower middle border. 

Lake level view. 

Three bedrooms facing Lake McDonald. 

Last photo of the day. 

Morning (pre-sunrise) view from deck. 

Another pre-sunrise photo. My room is upper left. The windows stayed open for 8 days and 7 nights. 

Cabin 20 on Lake McDonald is amazing in every way but one – Internet and cellular signal. 

It’s enough to inspire me to keep looking for a place that “has it all”.

The Cottages at Glacier is rising as the new standard for doing inspiring work for however many more years i am gifted. 

Son, many visit Glacier to escape the Internet and cellular grid, to leave the stress of constant, beckoning work behind. 

Paradoxically, i come to Glacier to do my most creative work. i visit Glacier to push my thinking’s creative limit in a way that Walt Disney World has delivered, yet to push it more – to discover new territory. 

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