Most Leaders Never Become Great

Man Will Never Fly
Man Will Never Fly

Misery loves company.

Them and they are four letter words.

Can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Leaders, many of them anyway, fail because they have such a hard time being criticized, even if it’s constructive.

I posted an April Fools bit for, but took it down minutes later, after a close friend said it wasn’t funny.

I thought it was, and still do.  But took it down anyway.

Okay, so I’m worried about what others may think with a single April Fool’s blog post?  Now imagine what President Obama must have to deal with.

Just the other morning, this was in our local Orlando Sentinel.  It’s about the insane press one Central Florida Urologist is getting, because he said Obama is bad.

Great leaders must be so passionate about their purpose, that they are willing to take the negative criticism. Otherwise, they will never make it.

Great leaders know that the sky is the limit and small minds will always say otherwise.

By jeff noel

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