Born or developed?

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What to do if a visionary Gerontologist asks you a great question? Easy. Answer it honestly. You don’t need research nor scientific data to know what you know, feel, and experience.

You are, after all, the expert at your own personal opinion. Just answer it. Don’t over-think it.

The question may sound intimidating, like this one:

Can passion be developed?

My answer:

One tip, know the difference between passion and skill.

Can passion be developed?

This is interesting. First thoughts:

1. Passion is found, not developed
2. Once found, then what?
3. Passion isn’t developed, it’s unleashed.
4. It’s emotional, not tangible.

A speaker, let’s say, can practice their speech, but it’s hard to practice their unbridled desire (passion) for helping others. They’re born with it naturally.

Once we start thinking passion is a thing, we are probably no longer talking about passion, but something else, like a skill.

Passion can be harnessed and directed purposefully. Can it be developed? Hmmm.

Example: Do we develop passion for being a great parent, or is it innate? Is that like saying, with time, i could love Monique more? When our kids are young, can we develop more patience, better hygiene and safety, become more effective teaching manners?



Passion never feels like work. The exception is when you feel the negative energy from other people and their stereotypical mumbling about you caring too much.”



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