Now what?

Apple gives you 14 days to pickup at the store. Note the additional information about Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend (11.29-12.02). Managing expectations for what is predicable.

Now what?

Saw it coming but hoped i was wrong.

So then, now what?

Price goes up.

Is that fair?

Technically, yes.

Will you hold your ground or be flexible?

Herein lies the challenge.

Expectations are formed by our actions, not by what we say.

If i say there’s a deadline but don’t enforce it, then there really wasn’t a deadline.

This lack of honoring one expectation contaminates all expectations.

What shouldn’t be a tough call might be, meaning the tough call to raise the price to the December 25th deadline price.


Anyone paying a premium expects flexibility. As in, “cut me a break, man”.

And then there’s the notion that all of this was an exercise in negotiating a bigger picture – contract(s) signed by year end, which is four weeks away.

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