Let’s rename advice to suggestion

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After my leadership keynote, a client told me he made a commitment to learn all the staff member’s names, because he realized not knowing was really poor leadership. Here’s my response:

Advice? Let’s rename it to suggestion, since you haven’t officially asked.

Five years ago i stopped all texting, emails and phone calls while driving. Our Son was ten. i didn’t reveal what i was doing for 90 days.

After three-plus months i asked him, while we were stopped at a red light, “Have you noticed anything different about me?”

He responded with, “Did you get your hair cut?”

We quickly got to the end goal.

He had noticed.

A lot.

By the time he gets his permit, he may not recall me texting and driving. My clear expectation that he never texts while driving will carry so much more weight, because there will be no double standard. People hate double standards. Betting you do. Your staff is no different.

My advice suggestion:

i wouldn’t announce what you are doing. At all. Just do it.

And while you’re doing it, sneak in a bit of casual conversation – getting to know them, but don’t make it seem like an interview or an interrogation. They’ll get suspicious and start talking about you behind your back.

They’re going to talk about you behind your back anyway, but if you do it right (intentionally), the buzz/rumors will be extraordinarily positive.

Go slow, be sincere, and find a million ways to stay motivated.

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