Branding By Larry The Cable Guy

Some Are Born With A Personal Brand
Some Are Born With A Personal Brand

Do you have a personal brand? Does it even cross your mind?

Not your company’s brand.


You have one, guaranteed. ¬†And you might be unaware, it’s your reputation.

Larry the cable guy came to service our BrightHouse cable connection. Without even being aware, he:

  • Was assertively friendly from the very first second
  • Reassured us he was a great technician
  • Built a relationship first, before starting his work
  • Separated his task from his purpose
  • Went above & beyond

Larry the BrightHouse cable guy has an awesome personal brand. It’s my professional opinion that he wasn’t fully aware of it’s positive power.

Which just so happens to compliment and tier up to his company’s brand.

Well done. And, thank you Larry.

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