We all have our biased opinions

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We all have our biased opinions. What is exceptionally intriguing is how and when we take action based on our opinions.

Anyone can form an opinion and secretly think it’s brilliant.

But will it work in the real world?

Wanted to reduce the Kindle price to between one and two dollars – the price of an App. Even contemplated offering it for free. Xulon Press, the Publisher, can go no lower than $4.99. So that’s what we agreed on.

It took one day to change that price.

Have been quietly and secretly working on reducing the Amazon price for the paperback version of Mid Life Celebration. Aimed for seven or eight dollars, knowing Amazon further discounts books – bringing the purchase price near five dollars.

But $10.99 is the lowest Xulon will go. It took weeks to get this answer and then weeks to have it go live.

Live is in six days, on April 4, 2015. See for yourself, here.

Opinions mean nothing without action.

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