Can you help?

two men sitting in a fancy Mall
Two (former) Disney Institute (DI) colleagues who met in 1999 and worked together at DI for many years. JB Adams, center, helped me create the Mid Life Celebration book storyboard.

Can you help me write a bunch of Disney business books?

JB Adams is pictured above. We’ve known each other since 1999 when i transferred to Disney Institute. We worked together many years. We continue to be great friends.

In the photo above, JB and i met at Mall at Millenia. We met first at the Flagship Apple Store. Then moved to a more quiet sitting area at the Mall’s far end.

My original book writing proposal with JB didn’t work out.

This was a second attempt, years later.

This one didn’t work out either.

Had high hopes.

Didn’t see a no-deal deal coming.

It set me back.

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