Do you dream of there being a time for you when you walk without any fear?

Praise for Midlife Celebration, the book
Revisiting LinkedIn profile to make sure it speaks admirably


Do you dream of there being a time for you when you walk without any fear?

When we say Happy Thanksgiving, what do we really think we’re saying or imparting?

Going through the motions?

Or feeling grateful with every breath, every step? Living like you mean it?

November 28, 2013… Happy Thanksgiving…

We have come to know the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day when we learn to celebrate it everyday.


So what do we really want our LinkedIn profile to do for us?

And who even cares for a second how smart and experienced we are? There’s always going to be someone better.

If we’ve ever taken the time to read a bunch of profiles, they all say pretty much the same thing, “I’m so smart, I’m so smart, I’m so smart”.

And it’s true, people have amazing resumes.

And yet it begs the question, do they possess something so remarkable that they have elevated what they do to an art form?


Not paintings, sculpture, music, acting.



Thinking and doing brilliantly different.

Game changing.



That’s the type of speaker we want to listen to.

That’s the type of speaking remarkable speakers wake up driven to deliver. РWorld-class entrepreneurial content. MLC is on a mission to prove balance is not a myth. For example, how to use excuses, regrets, second chances, and permission to live with gratitude, forgiveness, joy, peace, and contentment in a world that is distracted, entertained, and medicated.

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