Organizational Courage

Cheryl Noel in WSO Coman Hall Apartment
Our Washington State University dormitory apartment. Cheryl was the Residence Hall Director in this all-girls dorm. Photo: 1983
bicycling across Washington State
August 1984, at a Washington State University apartment complex. We are waiting to be sag wagon drivers for a cross-state drive – and a cross-state lift for us to start our Honeymoon bike ride from Seattle back here to Pullman, Washington. Our honeymoon began 14 months after the wedding day.

Organizational Courage.

What is it?

It’s identical to personal courage and it starts at the top.

It has to start at the top.

It’s the founder’s story.

And after the founder is gone, the successor has to inspire the organization as if every day is day one.

If you can’t be on fire with this, you aren’t living your purpose, you are existing (probably decently well financially) for a paycheck.

Yes, obviously, this applies to work and home simultaneously.

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