Four foul words no one wants to admit

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As you skim through Facebook, do you ever ask yourself:

• “Do i lie to myself?”

• “Am i satisfied?”

• “What makes me come alive?”

• “What’s the point of Facebook anyway?”

Made a private and ridiculously impossible goal in 2014.

For one year, do not use four words:

•  i  •  me  •  my  •  mine  •

Not in corporate communications with clients and colleagues and bosses, not on social media comments, replies. Not in emails or texts. Not on 1,865 annual blog posts…

Not once.

This has bled over to today, March 22, 2015.

The craziest thing?

No one even noticed.

So why do it?

That’s the big question in our lives isn’t it?

Why do transformational things if they are so small no one will detect any change?

Am ready to begin using them again, on a microscopic scale, beginning today. It was an extraordinary learning experience, because it was so visibly invisible

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