Dare to think unthinkable career thoughts

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Odds are we are easily replaceable. Just need to order a different sized shirt for the next person, eh?


Dare to think unthinkable career thoughts?

You mean to be authentic?


And still we (constantly) whisper to ourselves, “But I’m not the owner”.

This complicates things. The owner knows what she’s doing.

Because the owner is the one who has everything to lose. Not the dreamer who sees things from the comfort of the sidelines.

(the complainers of the world generally have no experience with the hard decisions and the competing and changing priorities of being a business owner)

(and owners so easily forget what it’s like to be frustrated on the front line)

The solution, become an owner.

Start something.

Offer something the world can’t live without.

Become so rare in your thinking that you become valuable.

Very, very valuable.

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The owner also doesn’t know everything, hence the popularity of Undercover Boss.

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