Necessity is the mother of invention

Glacier National Park mountain views
View from a trail 99.99% of hikers never hike. This trail goes behind and past Mt Reynolds.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Now is that time.

What time?

The time for necessity.

Here’s an opportunity…there’s a rising belief that millenials expect their personal problems (i call them challenges) to be business challenges – that business owners need to care about and solve their employee’s issues.

Fundamentally, i believe everyone is the CEO of You, Inc.

Meaning, you are personally responsible for everything in your life.

The opportunity is in equipping a generation of young adults who weren’t “parented to manifest personal ownership” – in essence, parenting has been dumped onto the shoulders of business owners.

If Disney Ran Your Life podcast may have an opportunity to help businesses empower their employees with personal responsibility.

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