Mid Life Celebration weekly update 6

No matter what tradition you celebrate this month, may you do it in a way that honors your working contribution to society, your job, your art – for which society normally pays you money.

Those of you arriving here from jeffnoel.org, it’s exciting to know you’re intrigued by the mind-body-spirit-money interconnectedness. And if you click through from here to jeffnoel.com, you also appreciate our mind-body-spirit-money- hq connection.

Most of us spend one-third of our lives working. I’m committed to helping you think about being remarkable at work, without killing your personal life.

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Mid Life Celebration weekly update 5

The work we do today yields our future harvest. No work, no harvest. Little work, little harvest. We find temptation and distraction ready friends – to ruin our efforts to create work life balance. Let’s be especially careful this month. You are worthy and deserving. And you owe it to yourself to quit waiting.

Mid Life Celebration weekly update 4

It began in 2008 as a 40-something Dad’s attempt to simply life’s key themes in order to teach a young boy some responsibility. It’s morphed into a common-sense guide for work life balance, for every adult, everywhere.

mind – body – spirit – money – hq

Many say balance is mind, body, and spirit. Others say it’s work and home. No one else I’ve seen claims it’s all five, except Mid Life Celebration.

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Weekly update number 3 from Mid Life Celebration

Dear readers, confession time. I’ve developed a daily addiction to love of writing. Even without readers like yourselves, I’d write anyway. However, the fact that you visit makes everyday, well, Thanksgiving day. Thank you.

Can’t believe what started as a 100-day personal challenge to write in all five midlife celebration blogs (mind-body-spirit-work-home) every single day has continued now 44 months… 7,000 posts later.


Updates just for you, the delightfully crazy folks who stop by

This week’s big picture at Mid Life Celebration’s five daily blogs:

  • GoDaddy lied. Yes, the annual website hits are 1.3 million.
  • But the stats are not all people, many are bots.
  • Google Analytics (GA) reports much smaller numbers.
  • Within GA numbers are two cool numbers.
  • Bounce rate almost zero
  • Returning visitors 80%

As we approach Thanksgiving, may your mind, body, spirit, money, and hq all be working in better harmony than they have in years. Peace and blessings immeasurable to you and those you love.

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