In-Depth Version

(originally posted February 7, 2009)

You want to be a better leader, a better parent, better business owner or better entrepreneur – in short, you are pursuing excellence.

How do I know?

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.

Here are a few things you should know before you decide if your time is worth the 2-5 minute daily investment that’s required to be part of this Tribe.

This jungle jeff blog focuses on personal leadership transformation, expressing admiration and respect for all things excellent, in part so that I can teach our ten-year old son that his contribution to society is a key link to his financial wellness.

Like many with a desire to continuously improve, to strive for excellence, and feed an insatiable appetite for truth, after 37 years, I’ve become an authority on Servant Leadership.

A decade of experience in five states, on both coasts, in addition to 27 years, and counting, with a world-class Central Florida Fortune 100 company, including 12 years as a Professional Speaker, and The Internet’s Only Five-a-Day Blogger, it would be simplest to just call me, Teacher.

Better still, call me Gurudos. In India guru means teacher and dos means student.

And to teach is to learn twice.

You have used books, seminars, paying attention, learning, teaching, reflecting, and mentoring to become who you are today.

There are even subconscious influences that plant seeds of greatness in all of us. Watching a famous athlete on the TV at the Olympics, or Super Bowl.

A close relative with a compassionate and generous spirit.

An inspiring boss.

An historical figure.

Are ya with me?

In the mid-1960’s, I grew up watching Walt Disney on TV, on Sunday nights in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania with a younger sister. The Wonderful World of Color was the only show all week we didn’t fight over watching.

It was during those Sunday nights that Walt Disney began an early influence on my attitude towards excellence, which continues to this very day. I have read, studied and consistently applied his business philosophies in everything.

Was seven when Walt Disney died. My sister, three. Don’t recall how old our parents were, but they usually watched the show too.

Have also been heavily influenced by: Jesus, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Abe Lincoln, Dad, Mom, Gandhi, Jimmy Buffett, Dan Fogelberg, Bill Cosby, all the Angels and Saints, and a host of others too numerous to mention.

There are millions of books and articles written about Leadership.

They are all saying the same thing.

But here, you’ll hear it in a way no one else delivers – real life, in real time.

You owe it to the people you care about to consider joining this Tribe.